Kathy H.

Kathy H.

Elizabeth Savage is one of the best lawyers I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. Sadly, every so often things happen in our lives that require we reach out for professional help. When my husband passed away suddenly in 2018, I hired Elizabeth to handle his estate legal issues. Shortly after hiring her, I moved back to the east coast. Working with her, there were no transition difficulties. She kept in touch with me regularly, and responded to every single request swiftly and effectively. In addition to her legal savvy, she is able to explain things in more than one way. This was crucial in this estate case, because it existed in two very different legal requirement states. There were a number of legal difficulties, and I was in several different states traveling, but she never gave up on me. I simply don’t know what I would have done if she had not been my estate lawyer. You cannot go wrong with Elizabeth Savage as your lawyer.

About Us

Elizabeth’s law practice centers on estate planning and uncontested estate administration, guardianships and conservatorships for adults. Elizabeth has been a lawyer for 26 years. Her current practice began in 2014, after 22 years in commercial and securities fraud litigation.

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