When a loved one dies, those left behind confront many mixed emotions, which can make it extremely difficult to focus on anything.  Not only that, it may feel like an overwhelming, insurmountable mountain to climb to begin the painful but necessary process of going through your loved one’s belongings, determining if there is a Will, identifying your loved one’s bank accounts, life insurance policies, investments, and real property, and determining how your loved one wanted those assets distributed.  Retaining an experienced estate administration lawyer soon after the death occurs alleviates the stress of these critical steps.

An estate administration lawyer will advise you whether opening an estate administration case in probate court is even necessary and, if so, will educate, guide, or lead you through the estate administration process.  Minimizing the time you have to focus on closing out your loved one’s affairs will give you the time and space to grieve the loss and sort out the difficult emotions you feel.

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