Losing a loved one –  due to death or physical or mental decline – weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of loved ones.  When people grieve, it is more difficult to think clearly, and those left behind often don’t know what the lost loved one would have wanted, and have difficulty making decisions about their possessions, homes, investments, bank accounts, medical decisions, burial or cremation preferences, and funeral or memorial service wishes.  None one wants to leave a mess of accounts, possessions, important medical care decisions, or post-death arrangement decisions for our most dear ones to sort out on their own.  But this happens all too often.  Not planning ahead can lead unintentionally to great frustration, anger, and animosity among those you love most.  Not planning ahead can even permanently damage relationships among those left behind, especially if litigation becomes necessary to resolve disputes.

These are real-life circumstances that far too many people face because a loved one did not plan ahead, but it does not have to be that way.  Estate Planning allows you to plan ahead for these realities, which we will all face eventually, whether as a spouse, parent, family member, close friend, or other loved one.

At the Savage Law Group, we firmly believe many people do not plan for their own potential mental or physical incapacity or death because they lack knowledge of how important it is and the complications that can result by not doing so.  As a result, they lack the incentive to act now.  Gaining that knowledge, and using that knowledge and to plan ahead, maximizes your power to make decisions that will ensure your wishes are honored, and minimizes the strife that your already-grieving loved ones will face after you are gone.

Plan now. We can help with your estate planning, estate administration needs.

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