Estate Planning for Future Peace of Mind at The Savage Law Group | Elizabeth Savage

The Incredible Power of Music

One of the many gifts that my parents bestowed on my siblings and me was an appreciation for music and its power.  They didn’t do this using any words, but rather simply by playing music in our home, and even in the car, frequently.  We listened to classical music – which I used to call “Bugs Bunny music,” as a…

Estate Planning Denver at The Savage Law Group | Elizabeth Savage

Knowledge Is Power

No doubt you have heard the expression “knowledge is power.” This expression captures two important benefits of Estate Planning. With Estate Planning for your lifetime, knowledge of how to protect your assets and who will make financial and healthcare decisions if you become incapacitated empowers you to put people you know and trust in charge of these important responsibilities now.…

Together, Knowledge and Power Enable Peace of Mind

In addition to gaining knowledge and empowering yourself around these crucial life and death decisions, acting on your power now – by working with an estate planning lawyer to set up your Will, Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Living Will, and Instructions for Last Remains and Funeral/Memorial Service – creates peace of mind for you and your loved ones.…

Estate Planning Denver at The Savage Law Group | Elizabeth Savage

Plan Now ~ Because Tomorrow May Put the Power in Someone Else’s Hands

Losing a loved one –  due to death or physical or mental decline – weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of loved ones.  When people grieve, it is more difficult to think clearly, and those left behind often don’t know what the lost loved one would have wanted, and have difficulty making decisions about their possessions, homes, investments, bank…

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