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About Us

Elizabeth Savage | The Savage Law Group


“My mission is to help create peace of mind for my clients today with a plan for the future.”

My law practice centers on estate planning and uncontested trust and estate administration, and probate matters. I have been a lawyer for over 32 years. My current practice began in 2014, after 22 years involved with civil litigation.

Having observed the costly and uncertain outcomes inherent in litigation and having witnessed my own parents age and face important financial, medical, and long-term care decisions, I am now dedicated to helping my clients understand and make decisions today about critical issues for their future, such as:

  • How to best protect family assets during your life.
  • How to ensure your healthcare and medical preferences are honored and that you are well cared for if you become incapacitated and
  • The available options to ensure your assets pass to your loved ones as intended after you die.

My personal passions are the great outdoors of Colorado, including skiing, biking, camping, and hiking (fly fishing lessons are on the horizon); live music at the many fabulous Denver concert venues and in the mountains and two loveable knucklehead dogs named Zeke and MZ.

The Savage Law Group’s mission is to deliver peace of mind now with a plan for the future, and thereby minimize the risk of future litigation. I am committed to delivering a plan that honors your wishes for your medical decision-making and assets during your lifetime and beyond. These are decisions that we will all face eventually for ourselves or for a spouse, parent, family member, close friend, or other loved one. I am passionate about delivering personalized legal advice that will best help you plan for your future and understand how your planning decisions will impact your loved ones.

Elizabeth’s law practice centers on estate planning and uncontested estate administration. Elizabeth has been a lawyer for over 32 years. Her current practice began in 2014, after 22 years in the civil litigation arena.


Of Counsel

“I am passionate about connecting with others and providing a sense of calm to clients whenever possible.”

I have been practicing law since 2018 and joined The Savage Law Group as “Of Counsel” in winter of 2020. My practice is focused on estate planning and I’m building expertise in estate planning for small business owners. I draw on my background in corporate law to advise business owners in developing a succession plan for their business. I am licensed to practice law in Colorado.

When I’m not practicing law you can find me trail running, practicing yoga and meditation, writing, and reading science fiction and fantasy novels.


“I am passionate about cultivating positive business relationships, maintaining and perfecting systems, and establishing a collaborative culture where everyone feels supported.”

With a deep-rooted passion for client satisfaction and a solid background in business administration, I proudly serve as the Client Services Manager at The Savage Law Group. I am committed to building and maintaining strong client relationships based on trust, transparency, and open communication, and I consider myself fortunate to work alongside attorneys who are not only brilliant, but also compassionate, ethical, and dedicated.

In my spare time, I enjoy dabbling in the graphic arts, hiking, music, and playing with my one-eyed boxer, Bemis.

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I met Elizabeth Savage of the Savage Law Group LLC at a very crucial time. She worked efficiently and effectively, with a sense of urgency.
Ms. Savage solved my problem with discretion and followed up within the specified time.
I would highly recommend Ms. Savage. Her gracious attitude is a prize to be considered in this age.

B. Adams

Elizabeth Savage is one of the best lawyers I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. Sadly, every so often things happen in our lives that require we reach out for professional help. When my husband passed away suddenly in 2018, I hired Elizabeth to handle his estate legal issues. Shortly after hiring her, I moved back to the east coast. Working with her, there were no transition difficulties. She kept in touch with me regularly, and responded to every single request swiftly and effectively. In addition to her legal savvy, she is able to explain things in more than one way. This was crucial in this estate case, because it existed in two very different legal requirement states. There were a number of legal difficulties, and I was in several different states traveling, but she never gave up on me. I simply don’t know what I would have done if she had not been my estate lawyer. You cannot go wrong with Elizabeth Savage as your lawyer.

Kathy H.

Elizabeth Savage recently helped me with my estate planning needs. I found her to be quite knowledgeable and helpful in navigating the legal issues involved. She listened and gave me advice regarding my particular situation to enable me to make my decisions. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone needing estate legal assistance.

Carol C.

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